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The Beastie Boys came around right when I needed them to, literally spitting beer in the faces of the pop music that I hated. They were the whiney, bratty answer to Culture Club and Madonna. They were designed for your parents to hate and their schtick was firmly tongue in cheek. By the time Paul's Boutique came out, we were shocked to discover that it wasn't just good, it was great. "Paul's Boutique" and Public Enemy's 'Fear of a Black Planet' were the first two full albums that made the public stop and realize that the genre of rap and hip hop could make huge artistic statements… huge, hilarious, kick you in the ass, artistic statements.

I formed a fake rap group with my best friend based on the Beastie Boys. I was Dumb Ass Rock and he was Fag Master Flash. We were the Fetal Bastards. We entertained our friends by being as disgusting as we sounded.

We even recorded a couple of horribly offensive singles.

In 1990 Fag Master Flash and I threw the best weekend long party of the year. We dubbed it Beastie Weekend. We did idiotic crap like

1. Drink a quart of monkey and still stand still.

2. Eat Colonels Chicken and drink Heinekin brew

3. Wear hats, not visors and drink Budweisers

We were Idiots, but we had gloriously good times. I will miss MCA.

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    May 7th, 2012

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