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 Tuesday, May 8

“Filmmaker, Alice Wu" (read by: Elaine Summerfield)

Born in 1970 in San Jose, California to Mandarin-speaking parents from Taiwan, Alice Wu was drawn to writing early on.  Despite her love of science fiction and fantasy, she opted for a practical education, earning degrees in computer science and moving to Seattle to work for Microsoft.  She realized her lesbian connection while taking a gender studies course.
Her big career shift came at age 28 with her interest in filmmaking, prompting a move to Brooklyn, New York to learn how independent films are made. 
Ultimately, in 2004, she completed her first film from her screenplay, “Saving Face,” an Asian-American lesbian love story, which debuted at the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals in 2005.  Its success proved groundbreaking, showing other Asian-American lesbians a path for coming out. 
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    May 8th, 2012

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