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Thursday, May 24
It’s Time for “Who Said That?” on this episode of “The Rainbow Minute.” Read By: Dustin Richardson

This well known New York City physician became the first head of the New York City Health Services Administration in 1966.
In 1967, he received a warning that homosexuals in Mayor Lindsay’s administration were under investigation and would be reported in the paper. He resigned, but the article never ran.
Wanting to show that even physicians could be homosexuals, he publicly announced his sexual orientation in an October 3, 1973 meeting of doctors in New Jersey. Almost dying from a heart attack, he said, “I found that I was not afraid to die. And I saw that if I could overcome the greatest of all fears, I should also be able to overcome the fear of standing up to declare and defend my identity as a homosexual.”
Who said that?
It was Dr. Howard Brown, who in the New York Times Magazine described the brutal but useless electric shock treatment administered to him by one psychiatrist.
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    May 24th, 2012

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