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The Lotus Land ShowThe Lotus Land Show – WEEEEEEEN!!!!!!

A tribute to Ween on today's Lotus Land Show as well as a variety of musical intrigue and audio mystery.
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Michael Miracle

Frankie Laine – Lotus Land
Ween – Take Me Away
Morton Stevens – Front Street
Dokaka – Onaka Ippai Jingle
The Id  – Boil the Kettle, Mother
The Vapors – The Bunkers
Ween – Buenos Tarde Amigo
Nicola Paone – The Telephone Song
Ween – A Tear for Eddie
Phantogram – You are the Ocean
JonZun Crew – Ground Control
Jerk Ward – U.F.O.
Jega – Pitbull
Alexander Courage – Star Trek Theme and Doctor Bartender
Jake Shimabukuro – While Me Guitar Gently Weeps

BrownCo pick of the Week – Against Me – Ocean
U2 – Like A Song
Humans – I Live In te City
Live Wire – Money
Hot Lava – iPod Shuffle
Walter Brennan – Boll Weevil
His Purse – Kittens
Smothers Brothers – The Wreck of the Old '49
Jean Lacques Milteau – Lonesome Train
Jerry Cole and the Stingers – Movin' On
Jerry McCain – My Next Door Neighbor
Baroness – Bullhead's Psalm
Xavier Cugat – Siboney
Ennio Morricone – The Chase
Ween – Squelch the Weasel

Michael Miracle


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    May 30th, 2012

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