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Thursday, May 31
“Religious Messages Fuel Negative Views" Read By Tom Miller

According to a mid-October 2010 poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service, 72% of Americans believe “messages about the issue of homosexuality coming from places of worship contribute to negative views of gay and lesbian people.”
The findings also revealed two-thirds see a connection to higher rates of suicide among gay youth.
The poll also found that Americans age 18-34, Democrats and women were more likely to agree there is a church connection to negative views of gays and lesbians; with those 65 and over, Republicans and men least likely to agree.
When ranking their own church’s handling of homosexuality, 75% of white evangelicals graded an A or B.  In contrast, a third of Catholics – twice as much as any other group – graded a D or F.
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    May 31st, 2012

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