“The Manifestivus” presents:

River City Limits“The Manifestivus”

We have The Manifestivus live in the studio this evening.   They are playing song from their upcoming album, "Etherial Delirum". 

Thanks for Jay and Christine for being our sound engineers.  



Southwest                       Snow Panda

Tailgaiting                        The Larry Branch Agenda

Cobblestones               The Simma Downs


Intermission               8Bit Runner

Jailbreak                       Dogs on Main Street

Enlarged Heart             League of Space Pirates

The Birds Nest                Zack Hryciak  and the Jungle Beat




My Thoughts and Their Spores                 The Manifestivus

My Friends are Stones

Dust and Gold         

Purple Up                                            Compass Rose Orchestra

Laughin' Cryin'                                                             Moosa

Future Earth                                                      The Manifestivus

Magical World


 Head                            Former Champions  

2 The Day                    No BS Brass Band


Fiction No Contradiction                Happy Lucky Combo

Lost Stolen                   Nelly Kate

Frontiers                     Dead Fame

Low                            Black Girls


Embrace                                      Canary Oh Canary

Raise Em Up On Honey             David Lowery

Hip Cat Dynamite                       Cha Cha Cadillac



Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    June 2nd, 2012

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