Activate! June 27 - July 4 presents:

Activate!Activate! June 27 – July 4

Giving you something to do since 2004, Activate! is the concert calendar for your ears. At 7pm, I have 2 hours worth of bands performing live in Fist City, including Mutwawa (pictured) who will be appearing at the RVA Noise Fest!


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Activate! 6/27/12

Planet Hunting Methods / 1.5 Threat / diy – 2113 Bistro, June 28 @ 8:30pm

Bio Ritmo / Carnaval / Electric Cowbell – Balliceaux, June 28 @ 10pm (w/ DJ Bongohead)

Dean Fields / LA / diy – Capital Ale House, June 29 @ 9pm

Trampled By Turtles / Alone / Banjodad – Friday Cheers / Brown's Island, June 29 @ 6:30pm (w/ Goldrush)

Jonathan Vassar & the Speckled Bird / The Plain Light of Day / Triple Stamp – Record Release / Balliceaux, July 1 @ 9pm

Tim Barry / Texas Cops / Suburban Home – The Camel, June 30 @ 8pm (w/ Josh Small, Julie Karr)

Josh Small / Somebody's Queen / Suburban Home

Goldrush / God / diy – Benefit for Gallery 5, June 29 @ 8pm (w/ The Greenhearts, Classic Monkey Shine)

Beast Patrol / Plaster / Decca Sounds – Strange Matter, June 29 @ 9pm (w/ Herro Sugar, Fire Bison)

The Trillions / Ctrl X Ctrl V / diy – The Camel, July 3 @ 8pm (w/ The Fire Tapes, Cavum, Herro Sugar)

The Fire Tapes / Sister Machines / diy

PT Burnem / Warm Water / Flyrock – HA, June 29 @ 7pm (w/ Swordplay, JE Double F, Height With Friends, Greenlander)

Ohbliv / Jaye Miles / Just Plain Sounds – Steady Sounds, June 30 @ 4pm (w/ Flossed In Paradise)

Just Plain Ant / The Day Has Begun / Just Plain Sounds – Epic Fest / Kingdom, June 29 & 30 (w/ DJ Rhetorik, Black Liquid, Intalek, Marcky Goldchain, T.I.M.E. Moves, DOE aka Paper Boy, Dr. Millionare, Isaiah and Hovey, Drano, Flatline, Cain McCoy, James Dangle, Just Plain Ant, Kyle Taylor, Concise, D. Carduh, Mr. Ivory Snow, Ms. Proper, Nike Nando, Peter Maher, Phil The Thrill, Rebel E, Ryan Flow, Sleaze, So Illa, Joey Ripps, Tre No Y, Young Fam, Young Richmond Outkasts, NSane Da Genya Bread ManDJ Finesse, DJ RNS, Conrizzle and Tokyo Ave, Zoey Kash, Lyrix and Koncept, MYT, Bali Soprano, Skydivers, Amore Jones, Artik Phreeze, Cane, Chance Fischer, CTG, Wrighteous, Zaiah Burke, Chris Haskins, Eli Dynamite, Elle Maxwell, Fly Tree, Ja-P, Jo Casino, Kevin Sinatra and Era Hardaway, Kleos Jansport, Louie Valles, Noah O, Over 21, Rak Squad X 1234, Suburban District, Tokyo Trendz)

Fake Boys / This is Our Sound / Animal Style – HA, July 1 @ 7pm (w/ Kids, Tight Hold, Skaters vs. Preps)

Light Years / Scavengers / Escapist – HA, July 3 @ 7pm (w/ Souvenirs, Citizen, Turnover)

Young///Savage / The Rawest Nerves / Death to False Hope – HA, June 28 @ 7pm (w/ Sea of Storms, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, Capitalist Kids, Random Orbits)

Random Orbits / The Gang Exploits a Miracle / Death to False Hope

Mixtapes / I Accept That / Animal Style – HA, June 29 (w/ Mikey Erg, Things Fall Apart, Wrist Rocket, Hold Tight!)

Hold Tight! / My Favorite Songs / Death to False Hope – Gallery 5, July 2 @ 8pm (w/ Lemuria, Family Cat, Volunteer)

Lemuria / The Origamists / If You Make It

Big Fiction / Big Paul / Kills You – Strange Matter, July 4 @ 9pm (w/ Napalm Donut, Animal Magazine, Olde Shame)

Sportsbar / Flowerz / Sweet Dreams – Strange Matter, June 28 @ 9pm (w/ The Sound of the Mountain, Animal Magazine)

The Sound of the Mountain / A Blessing / diy

Paper Trail / Raw War / diy – Strange Matter, July 2 @ 5pm (w/ Shipwreck, Swamp Thing, Rude Awakening)

Rude Awakening / Erosion / Arrest

Parasytic / Feast of Fools / Relapse – Strange Matter, July 2 @ 9pm (w/ Pissheads, Deadly Reign, Battlemaster)

Deadly Reign / Time to Die / diy

Black Breath / Monster Abyss / Southern Lord – Southern Lord Tour / Strange Mater, July 3 @ 7pm (w/ Martyrdod, Balaclava, Burning Love, Enabler, Dead In the Dirt)

Martyrdod / Kottberg / Southern Lord

Suppression / Release the Piranha / Underadar – Gallery 5, June 28 @ 7pm (w/ Gnawed, Beyond My Flesh, Street Pizza)

Caves Caverns / Bob Scoward / diy – RVA Noise Fest / Strange Matter, June 30 & July 1 @ 5pm both nights (w/ Flightbike, Custer Flux, Geordi La Korg, Nic DeSantis, Nu Depth, Pemdasi, Interstellar Fife and Drum, Birds In The Meadow, Country, Mitered Chevrons, Monolith Zero, Pataphonic, Broadcastatic, JM\\Wave, Lightless, Scant, Az Tiraks En No, Ritual Stance, Champagne Of Rats, Flesh Control, Head Molt, Sex Complex, Heavy Breathing, Mutwawa, Positivland, Anchor, Short Skirts, Nude Photos of Celebrities, Vimanum, Llorona, Close Your Eyes I'm Changing, Pilottone, Colectivo Caliban, Slobear, Caves Caverns, Flora and Fauna, Antlers, Glassslipper, Midzhur, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Weird Alchemist, Bermuda Triangles, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Google Earth)

Nude Photos of Celebrities / People Introduced Themselves as Sociopaths / diy

Mutwawa / March of the Mutwawa Police / CNP


More shows:

Umphrey's McGee – Groovin' In the Garden / Lewis Ginter, June 28

Larri Branch Agenda – Crossroads, June 28 @ 8pm

Brandi Carlile – Groovin' In the Garden / Lewis Ginter, June 29 (w/ the Lumineers)

Clarence Carter – Capital Ale House, June 29 @ 5pm

Eric Hutchinson – The National, June 29 @ 7pm (w/ Avalanche City)

AcousticRiverRats – Crossroads, June 29 @ 8pm

The Mantras – Canal Club, June 29 @ 9pm (w/ Strange Arrangement)

Gutter Gloss – Wonderland, June 29 @ 10pm (w/ Heretics In the Lab, Little Black Rain Clouds)

DMX – The National, July 3 @ 8pm

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    June 27th, 2012

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