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Wolf, The Dispossessed, Part 2

Red wolves used to roam free across most of the eastern United States, from Maine to Florida, from Missouri to Texas, one of the top dogs in the food chain.  By 1970 there were few red wolves left in America. When biologists surveyed the field they found only 17 red wolves, 14 of which could breed.

Seventeen years later, a handful of these Adams and Eves were flown east to an Eden in eastern North Carolina. The wolves went forth and really multiplied. This place called Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge became home for this species that once teetered on the brink of extinction. But even in this remote section of North Carolina, red wolves are not completely protected. Part of that has to do with their physical resemblance to one of the most resilient of all canids–a species that might even do them in.


Charles McGuigan

Dan S


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    July 6th, 2012

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