Global A Go-Go: Friday July 6, 5-7 PM presents:

Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday July 6, 5-7 PM

I'm back from a week's vacation (thanks to DJ Graybeard for filling in for me last Friday) and we've crossed 2012's halfway point, so it's time for a look at the best new releases of the year so far.  That's Chicha Libre pictured above, whose Canibalismo is probably my favorite album thus far in 2012.

It's been a very fruitful half-year — I'll have no trouble at all filling two hours with excellent 2012 music, all new (no reissues, no best-ofs, no compilations — although there are plenty of good items in each of those categories as well this year) and from all over the world (18 countries will be represented on today's show, by my count).


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    July 6th, 2012

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