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Dead Can Dance – Amnisia

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Michael Miracle

Steve Allen – MAH MAH LIMBO
Half Cousin – Country Cassette
Jono soundbite
ERAAS – Fang
Ween – Pollo Asado
Palace – West Palm Beach
Cavum – I Want to Live Where it Always Snows
Neko Case – Prison Girls
Tom Waits – A Good Man is Hard to Find
Dive Index – Hoko Onchi (Tuning Remix)
The Tear Garden – The Crippled Soul
Patrick Vian – Tunnel 4, Red Noise
Underworld – Moaner

(BrownCo Pick of the Week) Diamond Rugs – Big God
Electric Six – Dance Commander
A Place to Bury Strangers – Exploding Head
The Red Hot Lava Men – Speed Fantastico
Honor Roll – Care Taker
Massive Attack – Silent Spring
Gardenella – Urinating n Myself
Jack Taylor Experience – The Sore Losers
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
WreckdoM – Tank Top
Jane's Addictions – Slow Dive
Ham 1 – Wrong Way Marshall
Free – Fire and Water
Kings of Leon – Wicker Chair
Starlight Mints – Rinky Dinky
Fork in the Blender – Get Me Home Safe, Slce
Dead Can Dance – Amnisia

Michael Miracle


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    July 11th, 2012

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