Activate! Naptime! - July 25th-August 1st presents:

Activate!Activate! Naptime! – July 25th-August 1st

For the last week of July, Commonwealth of Notions' host Shannon Cleary will be taking over Activate! for one last time before the much-anticipated return of regular host Mike Rutz. I have tickets to give away to this Friday's Face Melt Friday X. It's Activate! The Concert Calendar for Your Ears!

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As Always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting Local Music!

Concert Calendar/Playlist for the week of July 25th-August 1st!

Hot Dolphin – GO TEAM USA (July 25th @ Balliceaux for Girls Rock RVA! Celebration)
Baby Help Me Forget – My Little Red Book (July 25th @ Ipanema for Jamie Lay's Friends of Mine DJ Showcase Night)
NO BS Brass Band – Ain't Even Gonna Call Ya (July 27th @ The Camel)

Lorem Ipsum – Food Warmed Over (July 25th @ The Republic w/ Russel Lacy and The Dream Machine – Radio Rubber Room Presents)

Dead Fame – Frontiers (July 31st @ Fallout w/ Brighter Fires)
The Kindling Kind – Lovely Mess (July 30th @ The Camel w/ This Old Ghost and Apache Radio)
Brad Sharp – Beautiful (July 27th @ Henrico Theatre)

Sweet Fern – Single Girl, Married Girl (July 26th @ Balliceaux w/ Bumper Jacksons)
Flesh Mountain Boys – Hanging Loose (July 28th @ Cary Street Cafe)

Black Liquid – Lampin (July 27th @ Strange Matter as part of Face Melt Friday X w/ Antagonist Dragonspit, OMG, Goad Gatsby, Sleaze, Tatum and many more)
Ohbliv – And The Truth Shall Set You Free (July 26th @ Strange Matter w/ Swordplay, Jel, DJ Abilities and Void Pedal)
Swordplay – Text Messages
Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (July 29th @ The National w/ Danny Brown)

Luke Saunders – Sinking Stone (July 26th @ Gallery 5 w/ Trouvere, Brave Bellwether and Bruce)

The Snowy Owls – Papertooth (July 27th @ Cellar Door as Hoaxy Owls and July 31st @ Balliceaux as English Majors)
Navi – Party at the Wh***house (July 27th @ Cellar Door w/ Hoaxy Owls, Wolf//Goat and Little Smoke)
A New Dawn Fades – The Glories of Summer Camps Past (July 27th @ Cellar Door as Hoaxy Owls and July 31st @ Balliceaux as English Majors)
Hoax Hunters – Hoax Hunters (July 27th @ Cellar Door as Hoaxy Owls and July 31st @ Balliceaux as English Majors)

Dave Watkins – Marshall Street (July 31st @ Balliceaux as English Majors)
Little Smoke – Tape Wormsss (July 27th @ Cellar Door w/ Hoaxy Owls, Navi and Wolf//Goat)
Wolf//Goat – Flesh Tones (July 27th @ Cellar Door w/ Navi, Hoaxy Owls and Little Smoke)

The Fire Tapes – Rainbow Shooting Eyes (July 29th @ Bandito's w/ Canary Oh Canary)
Canary Oh Canary – Last Night in Sunway Knolls

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    July 25th, 2012

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