Speedin’ Back to My Baby! presents:

Stunted DevelopmentSpeedin’ Back to My Baby!

Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Ace Frehley – Speedin' Back to My Baby
Yogi Yorgesson – The Birds & the Bees
Slim Pickens – Darlin' Commit Me
Unknown – Let Me See Your Booty Drop
Buddy Collette – Bongosville
BJ Snowden – Ode to Lesley
Marcy Muir – Copacabana
Commander Cody – Truck Stop Rock
Kentucky Fried Chicken – Manager Bob's Pep Talk
Sonny Lester – The Unveiling
Hi-Hopes – King of the Road
Elvis Presley – Barefoot Ballad
Alan Lomax – Parchman Farm Prisoner Interview
Shaun Cassidy – Once Bitten Twice Shy
Griz Green – Dirty Dan Magoo
Emil Richards – Journey to Bliss Part IV
Book of Numbers – Original Radio Spot
Daniel Johnston – Get Yourself Together
Father Pat Berkery – Chalice
The Cars – Night Spots
Velvet Underground – I Heard Her Call My Name
Georgia Gibbs – The Hula Hoop Song
Unknown – Ben I Miss You
Silver Apples – Water
Henry Gibson – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Big John & the Buzzards – Mean Woman
Billy Hutch – Eefin-Nanny Monkey
Raymond Scott – By Rocket to the Moon
Patti Smith – Redondo Beach
Walter Brennan – Conversation with a Mule
Ken Wallace – You Don't Know What You're Missing
New England – Nothing to Fear

Bill Farrar


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    July 29th, 2012

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