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“Out at the 2012 London Summer Olympics"
Reader: Corey Boone
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According to, of the 12,000-plus athletes participating in the 2012 London Olympics, 22 participants and two coaches are openly gay or lesbian. All but three of those are lesbians and numbers are on the rise. There were 11 out athletes at Athens in 2004 and 10 at Beijing in 2008.
Australian platform diver and 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winner Matthew Mitcham is participating as an underdog this year in London.  His world rankings dropped since being sidelined for much of the past year with a serious abdominal injury. 
Mitcham’s surprise Olympic win in 2008 came after he executed a 2 ½ somersault with 2 ½ twists, earning the highest scoring dive in Olympic history.  He ran up into the stands and kissed his boyfriend after he won.

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    August 1st, 2012

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