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 Monday, August 27, 2012

“Alan Turing, World War II Codebreaker"
Reader: Jim Nelson

On the very first day of WWII in September 1939, Alan Turing began living at London’s Bletchley Park. It was an old mansion and estate that served as Britain’s wartime headquarters for its top codebreakers.  Turing and his colleagues were assigned to Hut 8 and tasked with breaking the coded messages generated by Enigma, the German military’s typewriter-like cipher machine.
Turing’s anti-Enigma device, known as the “Bombe,” turned Bletchley Park into a codebreaking factory. Because German U-boat communications and positions could be decifered, convoys from North America could bring desperately-needed supplies to England without the threat of attack.
Turing devised other methods of codebreaking which provided knowledge of German strategy, thus shortening the war and saving millions of lives.
Turing’s early years, tomorrow.

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    August 27th, 2012

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