Kreative Kontrol with Rick Froberg (Pitchfork/ Drive Like Jehu/ Hot Snakes/ Obits) presents:

Cause And EffectKreative Kontrol with Rick Froberg (Pitchfork/ Drive Like Jehu/ Hot Snakes/ Obits)


It is really a misconception to title this Cause & Effect as such because you can't really do a radio based on Rick Froberg without including his longtime creative partner in crime John Reis and all of their many off shoot bands too. Between these two guitar legends, the history of music is forever changed. Their joint bands were Pitchfork (and no, nothing to do with that darn music website), Drive like Jehu, and Hot Snakes.

For those of you who don't know. This will be the last month I will be doing my radio show. I have a total of three Cause & Effects left before I retire and I wanted to pick my last shows wisely (one is the fund drive show). I picked Rick Froberg because he has played in bands that have been a huge soundtrack to the past twenty years of my life not to mention many of my friends and past / present band members. I want to share with listeners a very important person to my musical DNA and someone I consider to have played a very important role in advancing DIY punk and hardcore.

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    September 13th, 2012

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