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Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday September 14, 5-7 PM

As everyone who lives in Virginia is painfully aware, there's an election coming up soon.  Coincidentally, it's also public and community radio fund drive season — WRIR's drive starts on Friday September 14 at 5:00 PM.  Why do I mention these two not-necessarily-eagerly-anticipated events in one breath?  Click "Read More" to find out.

After 224 years of Presidential elections, Americans are a little bit jaded — only about 50% of those of us who are eligible to vote this November 6 will actually do so.  But imagine, if you will, what this country would look like if on every Election Day, everybody who could vote chose to vote.

For starters, we'd elect some very different people to office, from President down to the school board.  I'll bet we'd get pretty different legislation, executive decisions and judicial rulings as well.  And I'm sure we'd seriously limit the power of big money and big business, who fill the political vacuum left by apathetic citizens.

You know what?  Radio is just like politics — if you don't vote for what you actually want, big money and big business will be licking their chops, happy to provide you with the mindless repetition, yelling and non-stop commercials that characterize most radio today (sounds like most political campaigns too, but I digress).  And then they'll look down their noses at you and tell you that that's what you really want.

WRIR's fund drives are your semi-annual opportunity to cast a vote for thoughtful programming: News that isn't dumbed-down, talk that isn't people talking (heck, "screaming" is more apt) past each other, music that isn't focused-grouped and Auto-Tuned into the aural equivalent of Velveeta.  You can cast your vote for Richmond Independent Radio by calling 804-622-9747 or visiting us at 1621-B West Broad Street during the fund drive, or by donating online by clicking this link:

I'm proud that Global A Go-Go has once again been selected to kick off WRIR's fund drive.  Joining me in our Live Room this Friday will be the fabulous Richmond-based band My Son The Doctor, who play Eastern European, Balkan and Mediterranean folk music.  I'll have a few special gifts for folks who donate during my program, including CDs by several of the other bands that are making Richmond a Balkan-music hotspot.

But there's no need to wait for Friday at 5 PM — the polls are open now, and they'll stay open until the fund drive ends on Sunday September 23.  As they say in Chicago, "vote early and vote often."


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    September 14th, 2012

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