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Friday, September 14, 2012
“Salon Takeover Guru, Tabatha Coffey"

While Tabatha Coffey’s hit BRAVO show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover hit success, her memoir It’s Not Really About the Hair  hit paydirt in empowering others.  It was inspired by emotional emails from her fans asking how she became such a strong woman.  One part of the book tells about her parents' strip club in Australia and how the transgender performers she called her "surrogate aunts" helped shape her life.

In Coffey’s 2011 interview with The Advocate, she said,  “I don’t feel like I have to wave a flag in a parade, but I’m the first person to talk about equality.  People with power need to stop hiding in closets.  If one person can be comforted or encouraged by the fact that I’m out and successful, then it’s all worth it.”
Dan S


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    September 14th, 2012

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