Salad Days 09-21-12 Fund Drive! presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 09-21-12 Fund Drive!

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minor threat/salad days/dischord

dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll/sr

myracle brah/big kids wanna rock/rainbow quartz

broadcaster/all your friends/sr


nofx/ronnie & mags/fat wreck chords


uk subs/rebel radio/new red archives

teenage bottlerocket/radio/red scare


good luck/public radio/sr

emily's army/broadcast this/adeline

sundials/completely broken/asian man


accelerators/fuel for the fire/shield

banner pilot/greenwood/fat wreck chords

ruts/staring at the rude boys/virgin


wet nurse/peace treaty/sr

slapstick/there's a metal head in the parking lot/asian man

f*cked up/dangerous fumes/deranged youth

slaughter & the dogs/we don't care/decca


rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant

nervebreakers/my girlfriend is a rock/wild child

magazine/shot from both sides/virgin

cute lepers/terminal boredom/blackheart



cramps/the mad daddy/illegal

copyrights/crutches/red scare


social distortion/mass hysteria/13th floor

useless id/before it kills/fat wreck chords

toy love/pull down the shades/wea



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    September 21st, 2012

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