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Cause And EffectLee Hazlewood: A Two Way Mirror


Here are the three things you need to know.

1) This is my final Cause & Effect show. The WRIRshow will go on without me thanks to JJ but I will stepping down after nearly 4 years of doing it – not to mention being its creator.

2) The theme of my final show is Lee Hazlewood. He is one of my favorite musicians / producers of all time and if you follow my blog or radio show, you know how important I believe he is to the history of American music.

3) It kills me that more people aren't aware of who this man is or all the genius (cotton candy fun to down right dark) he produced during his time on his planet.

Tonight will feature two hours of music Lee wrote, produced, played on, and or inspired.

Thank you all from the botton of my heart for ll your years of support. It has been an honor and a pleasure serving the community. I am gratedul for the opportunity to share my passion for music no less you nice folks letting me organize it via a two hour window by artist, genre, record label, or theme. If you ever want to hear some of my old shows, you can check them out here.  I will be sure to post tonight's show there too. 


Lightning's Girl

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    October 4th, 2012

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