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Extended Through May: D.C. Punk

Celebrate the D.I.Y. culture and working-class ethos of “D.C. Punk”

This engrossing exhibit of memorabilia from the regional music scene’s

golden era of the 1970s and ’80s will be on display throughout

April at Central Library. (Arlington VA)

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california uber alles/ Dead Kennedys/ Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Weve Got a Bigger Problem Now/ Dead Kennedys/ In God We Trust Inc

Maximum Protection/ Mort Kridel Advertising Agency

Praying Hands/ Devo/ Mongoloid

Listen To My Heart 1:55 The Reatards 7/1/2012 7:07 PM Bed Room Disasters

The Return of Jackie and Judy/ Ramones/ End of the Century

Judy Was a Punk/ Ramones/ Ramones

Kung Fu Ramones Passion/ Guitar Wolf/ Planet of the Wolves

This is a Song About Rock and Roll/ The Vignettes/ Teeth l

What Rock'N'Roll Is All About/ Oblivians / Sympathy Sessions

Television Girls/ Bare Wires/ Cheap Perfume

Diet Coke/ The Barreracudas/ Dog Food

Earthquake Heart/ Dirtbombs/ Dangerous Magical Noise

Ain't Gonna Stop/ Natural Child/ For The Love Of The Game

Mogoloid/ Devo/ Are We Not Men?

Not That Good/ The Okmoniks/ Party Fever!!!

Boys, Boys, Boys/ Nikki & the Corvettes/ Desconocido

That's The Way I Want It/ Tina And The Total Babes/ She's So Tuff

Our Favorite Thing/ Supersnazz/  Alright, This Time Just the Girls Volume 2

Gimme the Shakes/ Dogmatics/ Thayer Street

The Crusher/ The Cramps/ Psychedelic Jungle

I'm in the Band/ Bratmobile/ Girls Get Busy

Radio/ Thee Spivs/ Taped Up

Dame Una Razon/ Davila 666/ Pa Que Vives

Teenage Girls/ Bad Sports/ Kings of the Weekend

Ready to Go!/ Bare Wires/ Don't Ever Change

Zig Zag/ Cheap Time/ Cheap Time 

Gone For Good/ Nobunny/ First Blood

Mess Me Up/ Nobunny/ Love Visions

Runaway/ Charlie & the Moonhearts/ Thunderbeast 

Shake Rattle and Roll/ Teengenerate/ Get Action

Primitive/ The Cramps/ Psychedelic Jungle

Crawdaddy Simone/ The Horrors/ The Horrors

Ghost on the Highway/ The Gun Club/ Fire of Love

King of the Sea/ Shannon and The Clams/ Sleep Talk

The Once Over Twice/ X/ Wild Gift

The New World/ X/ More Fun in the New World

For the Sake of Love/ The Half Rats/ For the Sake of Love

I Just Wanna Have Something To Do/ Ramones/ Road TO Ruin

Weigh You Down/ Boom Chick/ Want To Give

I Can't Wait/ Sneaky Pinks/ single

Stop/ Pylon/ Gyrate Plus




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    October 5th, 2012

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