The Bush League LIVE! presents:

River City LimitsThe Bush League LIVE!

We have The Bush League live in the studio!  

Thanks Jay for working the sound board!

Embrace                   Canary Oh Canary

Senore Locutor        Bio Ritmo

Warm Moon               Noel Haven

Settle Down            Gold Rush

Back In Babylon     Antero


The Answer              Monday Machines

710                             The Sundials\

Traces of Gold           Lousianna Territory

One More Teardrop    Andy Vaughn and the Driveline

World Collide                 Lost Sattelittes


Gotta Woman                    The Bush League

Can A Gas And a Match

Runnin Through the River



Livin' The Dream       Pedals On Our Pirate Ship

Days of A Quiet Sun         The Barracudas

Ma Dusei                           World Sister World


.38 Special                   

Don't Touch My Liquor

'59 Chevy


Lost/Stolen                   Nelly Kate

It was Nice Meeting You     marionette


Black Night Satelitte               Bermuda Triangles

Face in a Magazine                   Canary Oh Canary

Albert Green


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    October 6th, 2012

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