Salad Days 10-12-12 presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 10-12-12

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minor threat/salad days/dischord

mean jeans/antbody out there?/dirtnap

holy mess/the saddest girl ever to hold a martini/red scare

gears/teenage brain/hepcat

dwarves/fake id/greedy

dropkick murphys/get up/hellcat


ambulars/we're golden/sr

strong city/this will be the death of us all/bloated kat

luther/sixty one/black numbers

shook ones/for collards/paper + plastick

dag nasty/circles/dischord


daytrader/kill my compass/run for cover

face to face/disconnected/

front bottoms/maps/bar none

fake boys/this is our sound/animal style

have nots/the brink/paper + plastick


hextalls/i don't want to go down to the basemet, either/sr

sundials/completely broken/asian man

masked intruder/how do i get to you/red scare

big eyes/back from the moon/grave mistake

joyce manor/comfortable clothes/sr


pedals on our pirate ships/say-10

title fight/head in the ceiling fan/sideonedummy

averkiou/wasted and high/sound study

tiny fighting trees/roller coasters with mollie/sr

joey ramone/what did i do to deserve you?/mutated

double negative/endless disappointment/sorry state

dan vapid & the cheats/torture chamber/sr

accelerators/fuel for fire/shield

wet nurse/peace treaty/sr

beltones/better than a kick in the head/tko

cheap girls/gone all summer/rise


direct hit!/in orbit/kind of like

copyrights/hard-wired/red scare

laura stevenson & the cans/master of art/don giovanni

candy hearts/lighter than the air/kind of like


broadcaster/tightrope walker/jump start

hostage calm/war on a feeling/run for cover

into it. over it/fortunate friends/no sleep


deep sleep/head spins/grave mistake



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    October 12th, 2012

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