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Greetings and Good Morning!

This weekend is huge for the Richmond area. The Richmond Folk Festival with many musical artists coming from all over the place. Tom Ware of the American Indian Music and Dance Show as my guest on InterTribal.

With the community fire started to help take the chill out of the air, come join our circle of family and friends while the music plays.


Walk in Peace,

Tall Feathers

Kalani Pioeh

1st Hour:

Mark Langenfeld – Lakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Chief Frank Nelson – KluKaglas Song – Kin Cain – In the Spirit of Our Ancestors CD 2001

Arvel Bird – Wanblee (Eagle) – Singing Wolf Rec – Animal Totems CD 2004

Gabriel Ayala – Spain – Canyon Rec – Remembrance CD 2010

Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, and Will Clipman – Horses in the Rain – Canyon Rec Dancing into Silence CD 2009

Tony Duncan, Darrin Yazzie and Jeremy Dancing Bull – In the Time of Chiefs – Canyon Rec – Estun-Bah From Where the Sun Rises CD 2010

Spirit Nation – Earth Walk – Red Feather Music – Spirit Nation CD 2001

Painted Raven – Spirit Journey – Painted Raven – Spirit Journey CD 2004

Robin “Whispering Butterfly” Guthrie – Sacred Grounds – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) – Journey Within CD 2005

Louie Gonnie – Waterfalls – Canyon Rec – Pathway to Destiny CD 2012

2nd Hour:

Will Clipman, Arvel Bird, Mary Redhouse, William Eaton – Legend People – Singing Wolf Rec – Ananeah CD 2006

R. Carlos Nakai & Keola Beamer – Waipi’o Paka’alana – Canyon Rec – Our Beloved Land CD 2005

Fawn Wood – Tapwe Oma – Canyon Rec – Iskwewak CD 2012

Tom Mauchahty-Ware – Amazing Grace – The American Indian Music & Dance Show Prod – Amazing CD

Wilson Ware Memorial Singers – Kiowa/Comanche Flag Song – Dusty Miller Studios – Wilson Ware Memorial Singers CD

Tom Ware – Change is Gonna Come – Rising Eagle Prod – Change Is Gonna Come CD 1989

3rd Hour:

Star Nayea and Primeaux & Mike – Mountain Song – Silverwave Rec – Sacred Ground CD 2005

Robert Mirabal – Blue Lake – Silverwave Rec – Indians Indians CD 2003

Radmilla Cody – Colors – Canyon Rec – Precious Friends CD 2006

Sun Shadows – Wannabe – Sun Shadows – Sun Shadows CD 2010

Gabriel Ayala & Will Clipman – Tres Notas Para Decir “Te Quiero” – Canyon Rec – Passion, Fire and Grace CD 2010

Michael Bucher – Cradle to the Grave – Blue Hills Rec – Seven CD 2006

Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen – Crowhop – Balanced Rec – One Nation CD 2011

A Tribe Called Red – General Generations – Co-Sign – A Tribe Called Red CD 2012

Ulali – All My Relations – Wide Blue Sky – A Thousand Roads CD 2005

Tall Feathers


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    October 13th, 2012

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