Salad Days 10-19-12 presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 10-19-12

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minor threat/salad days/dischord

toys that kill/amphetamine st/recess

johnny thunders & the heartbreakers/born to lose/track

alleged bricks/blank stares/street anthem

useless id/before it kills/fat wreck



dead to me/undertow/fat wreck

title fight/secret society/sideonedummy

stranglers/no more heroes/ua

middle class/out of vogue/joke

big awesome/living with love/sr


banner pilot/forty degrees/fat wreck

luther/sixty-one/black numbers

hextalls/we're the castle crashers/rally

haverchucks/i won't try/sr

leftovers/nothing to do/rally

low flying owls/va va voom/alive


hold tight!/sky watching/animal style

love/7 and 7 is/elektra

loved ones/the enquirer/fat wreck

sundials/completely broken/asian man


undertones/get over you/sire

born without bones/say hello/animal style

copyrights/crutches/red scare

nofx/ronnie & mags/fat wreck

scientists/last night/white rider

rvivr/change on me/rumbletowne

good luck/stars were exploding/sr

blacktop cadence/cold night in virginia/deep elm

sidekicks/diamond eyes/red scare

hop along/kids on the boardwalk/sr


holy rollers/perfect sleeper/dischord

mezingers/lillith avi/red scare

new york dolls/chatterbox/mercury


new creases/french perfume/traffic street

omegas/f.s.o.m./parts unknown

boston strangler/primitive/fun with smack

government issue/time to escape/fountain of youth

pin point/richmond//albion


mc5/kick out the jams/elektra



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    October 19th, 2012

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