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Songs From The Big HairIn the Way Back Machine

Coming to you from the 1980s.





The Hip Priest                               The Fall

Confessions                                Violent Femmes

ZZ Top Goes To Egypt                  Camper Van Beethoven

The Jezebel Spirit                        David Byrne and Brian Eno


Lange D'Amour                        Laurie Anderson

Clap Hands                                Tom Waits

Low Life                                    Sting

Devil Inside                               INXS


Mr. Jones                                 Talking Heads

Taschenrechner                  Kraftwerk

Singapore                                 Tom Waits

Masquerade                               Berlin


Age of Consent                         New Order

A Month of Sundays               The Church

Rebel Yell                               Billy Idol

Cool On Your Island              Y Kant Tori Read

Bring Me Some Water              Melissa Etheridge


A Different Drum                       Peter Gabriel

Once is Enough                       Lyle Lovett

Ice Ice Baby                              Big Daddy

Welcome To The Jungle         Big Daddy


The Kingdom                          Icehouse

Land of Canann                      Indigo Girls

Pretending                              Eric Clapton

Alone in the Dark                     John Hiatt



Albert Green


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    October 20th, 2012

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