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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Jefferson Airplane – She Has Funny Cars
Ravi Shankar – Chase
Eddie Carr – Evil Evil Evel Knievel
The Hornets – Broadside
Will to Power – Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird
Matadors – Get Down from the Tree
Rudy Rosa – Spiders & Snakes
Stevenson Phillips – More Stevenson Phillips
Georgie Leonard – Ernie the Narc
Van McCoy & the Soul City Orchestra – Get Dancin'
The Godz – Radar Eyes
Kentucky Fried Chicken – Extra Crispy Training
Hell's Angels on Wheels – Movie Promo Spot
Frank Luther – Happy the Harmonica
Pete Townshend – The Kids are Alright
Ysleta High School Marimba Band – Tijuana Taxi
Jenny Moss – Hobbies
Maurice Woodruff – Know What Will Happen Tomorrow (side two)
Harry Johnson – It's Nothing to Me
Gary Schneider – Once in Awhile
Drive-Time Spanish – Asking Directions
Elvis Presley – Sweet Caroline
The Rubber Band – Purple Haze
Steve & Alyce – Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Bruce Willis – Secret Agent Man
Lou Reed – Teach the Gifted Children
Country Aerobics – Tulsa Time
Neil Young – Look Out for My Love

Bill Farrar


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    December 16th, 2012

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