An Early Rum Doings, and Delightful Tunes… presents:

An Early Rum Doings, and Delightful Tunes…

I still haven't made a cool logo for MoMilk. Slacker me!

… not in that order. Starting out with this week's Sean Lucas picks, then we're gonna throw in some Hayes Carll, cuz' I was reminded of him the other day… do some other stuff, and finally head into some industrial thanks to Tommy from Dog Germs and close the show out with this months' Rum Doings, a week or two early (depending on how you count) cuz' I have other plans for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. S'gonna be an alcoholic rollercoaster, folks; strap yourselves in, crack open something tasty, and enjoy the ride!

UPDATE: Better late than never, right?  Podcast finally uploaded! Click here to download it from Radio4All.

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Josh Sturgill


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    December 17th, 2012

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