Transmission 2: from Planet Nakamura - Jan. 10, 2013 presents:

Transmissions from Satellite 973Transmission 2: from Planet Nakamura – Jan. 10, 2013

Tonight, I'm transmitting a Producer Spotlight on beat-maker extraordinaire, Dan "Dan the Automator" Nakamura. We'll hear tracks from his albums, albums he's produced, albums he's collaborated on, albums recorded at his studio and albums by artists in his label…. whew, it's gonna be ill.

Thanks for listening. Full playlist after the jump. — Sonrisa.


The "theme" played at the show's beginning is Svensven der Froschfosch by Sula Bassana & Modulfix (Brainwash, Sulatron).


A 'Transmissions' cheat sheet to Dan the Automator

[P] = Produced by Dan the Automator

[C] = A Collaboration involving DtA

[GF] = album recorded/mixed at the Glue Factory, DtA's studio

Albums on DtA's label, 75 Ark, are noted in the album column

Song Artist Album Label Year


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    January 9th, 2013

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