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River City LimitsHello March!

Hello!  Lots of local jazz on the show today.




Death of Robert        The Bush League

One Away                  Matthew White

Jet Trails                    The Southern Belles

Winter Light               Glows in the Dark


Sand Rash                   Milkstains

Fortunate Isles               Snowy Owls

Coast To Coast                 Modern Groove Syndicate


Within Yr Reach              Snowy Owls

We Can Run                     Dead Fame

Sage                                 Near Earth Objects

Billy's Bounce                    George Melvin


South America                     Rex Richardson

Mobile Tigers                    Fight The Big Bul

Lacuna                              Ombak


Simplicity                        Jason Arce

Scamp                             Aaron Binder

Oh Darlin'                          Samson Trinh&The Upper East Side Big Band


The Complexity of Urban Living     Verbatim

Dexter's Alley                             Jeff Dexter's Quartet

Two Tickets                              The Former Champions

Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    March 2nd, 2013

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