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Devo – Freedom of Choice
Jimmy Mitchell – Cowpoke Ditty
Edith Massey – Punks Get Off the Grass
Sammy Davis Jr – The Goin's Great
Mel Taylor – Drums a-Go-Go
Trailer Bride – Work on the Railroad
Eddie Albert – Homeward Bound
Lambs Eat Ivy – Serpentine
100-Year-Old Woman Interview – I Wouldn't Take a Loss
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – Miss You
Donny & Marie Osmond – You Never Can Tell
Ralph Lowe – I Wanna Party on a Friday Night
David Bowie – If You Can See Me
Charles Clark – Can't Chase the Shadows
Indelible Inc – Well It's a New Day
SNL – I Live in a Van Down by the River
Lidsville – Theme
The Velvet Underground – Guess I'm Falling in Love
Pastor John Rydgren – The Oil Painting
Daniel Johnston – Walking the Cow
Sacramento City College Stage Band – LSD '67
The Ridiculous Trio – She Creature
Rocket from the Tombs – So Cold
Dean Martin – Zing-a-Zing Boom
The New Classic Singers – Imma Smoke Weed Remix
Pent-R-Books – Sexual Adventures in Marriage Reel 1
Van Halen – Atomic Punk
Frank Luther – Health Can be Fun
Hunter S Thompson – Letter to William S Burroughs & Ode to Jack
Ray Cathode – Waltz in Orbit
How to CB – 10 Code … CB Terms (Part 1)
Mighty Mightor – Theme
Gabor Szabo – Mizrab

Bill Farrar


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    March 3rd, 2013

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