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New music from Jefferson Hammers band The Murphy Beds on the show tonight.

Next week Ill be giving away tickets to the Joan Baez / Indigo Girls show at the Cville pavillion on June 11th

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Jenny Scheinman I Was Young When I Left Home Jenny Scheinman
Hijo Del Rio Blessed Assurance Hijo Del Rio.
Jenee Halstead Before I Go Jenee Halstead – The River Grace
John Smith There Is a Stone Great Lakes
Patty Griffin Go Wherever You Wanna Go American Kid
Jason Steel A Cause to Grieve Fire Begot Ash
Natalie Merchant Which Side Are You On? The House Carpenter's Daughter
Javier Dunn Times Like These Small Spaces
Joan Baez Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Ring Them Bells
The Murphy Beds Ride Up My Darling
John Prine The Sins Of Memphisto The Missing Years
Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys Querida Tierra Release Your Shrouds
Patty Griffin Faithful Son American Kid
John Smith She Is My Escape (Live Solo Acoustic Performance) The Mark Radcliffe Folk Sessions: John Smith
Hijo Del Rio October Hijo Del Rio.
Natalie Merchant Owensboro The House Carpenter's Daughter
Josh Garrels Be Set Free Lost Animals
Luluc Fly Way To Blue – The Songs of Nick Drake
Patty Griffin Irish Boy American Kid
The Murphy Beds Bonnie George Campbell
Scott Mattews Place To Be Way To Blue – The Songs of Nick Drake
Mind of Max Spring Seasons
James Taylor Daddy's Baby Walking Man
Hijo Del Rio Summer Blood Hijo Del Rio.
John Smith England Rolls Away Great Lakes
Jay pilzer dancer in a line
Jerry Douglas Gone To Fortingall Traveler
Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys All Day Release Your Shrouds
Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys Tied Down To You Release Your Shrouds
Frank Proffitt Handsome Molly Frank Proffitt of Reese, NC

Eric Walters


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    May 28th, 2013

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