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"Dedicating your life to traveling to distant locales where you would flip over tables and pour champagne for pouty vixens who would help you apply mascara. I was pretty sure I had a lot to learn from these guys.” — “Talking to Girls about Duran Duran,” Rob Sheffield

Wikipedia Fun Fact #1: Johnny Thunders was one of the many Johnnys who inspired a one Nigel Taylor to start using his middle name and be known as John Taylor.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #2: Ashes to Ashes was recorded at The Power Station in NYC. Hmmm, wasn't there a band named Power Station?

Wikipedia Fun Fact #3: Andy used to call Nick by his last name as Master Bates. Quickly, Nick decided to change his last name to Rhodes.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #4: Nick Rhodes bought a Wasp Syth to learn instead of playing guitar.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #5: John Taylor said Bernard Edwards played bass like a lead instrument. When Bernard Edwards died he willed his Sting Ray bass to John Taylor.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #6: The BBC banned the video for Girls On Film.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #7: None of the Taylors are related.

Wikipedia Fun Fact #8:Want to get The Bravery upset? Tell them that they sound like Duran Duran. The lead singer said "The Duran Duran comparision is my least favorite because I do not like the band at all."

Wikipedia Fun Fact #9: John Taylor first heard Nile Rodgers version of The Reflex in Roanoke.

Thanks to Charlie, Noah, Maureen, Nancy and everyone who's calling and admitting to being a fan of Duran Duran.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the guy who called and we couldn't figure who you were.

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