Hershel Stratego presents:

River City LimitsHershel Stratego

Hershel Stratego playing live!


Thanks Jay for being our sound engineer!

Music Theory for Haters                 Black Girls

Pale Fire                                           Snowy Owls

My Body My Fool                            Dead Fame

Whatzit?                                     The IV  Pak

One                                            Dream Apparatus

All You Need is Confidence                             Hershel  Stratego

It's   Money that Matters

Losing you

Miss Popular                             Modern Groove Syndicate

Mexico                                       The Bush League

We're Gonna Get Married                           Hershel Stratego

I Love What You've Done With The Curtains

Write some Songs

Lions                                          Canary Oh Canary

New Children of the Old Empire    Mason Brothers


Nzwanansi                                  Rattlemouth

I won't stay long but I won't stay gone  Bemjamin Shepherd

She's Gone    (…for good this time)        Carbon Leaf


Model X                                     Warren Hixson

Benjo                                         The Hot Seats

Saga                                           Near Earth Objects

It Doesn't Take Much                The Moonbees

The Ocean Drinks the Sun         Homemade Knives



Albert Green


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    August 3rd, 2013

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