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Stunted DevelopmentStunted Development: Seat of My Pants

Winging it outsider-style tonight. Call 649-9737 with requests.

Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Os i Baljan – Surfin' Bird
Dick Kent with the Lancelots – Hot Pants & Leather Boots that Shine
Johnny Bond – Der Fuhrer's Face
The Kossol Sisters – Kissin' Cousins
Lil' Chris – Checkin' it Out
Savage Hearts – Senorita
Jim Dandy – She's Tuff
Lou Reed – Wild Child
Paul Barton – My Neighbor the Firefighter
Richard Lloyd – Alchemy
Jack Costanzo – I Got a Bongo
Vroom – Stock Car Racing is Magic
Mrs McWiggin – Phone Calls
Zlad – Electronik Supersonik
Webb+Gannon – Drugs
Ray Brown Orchestra – Polo Pony
Bernadette Castro – Party Girl
Larry & the Golden Heirs Trio – I Feel So Good About it
The Normal Majority – In the Kitchen
Debbie Reynolds – Abdomens & Buttocks
PSA – The Different Kinds of Strangers
Gary Russell – Farrah Fawcett I Love You
Day Above Ground – Asian Girlz
The Recliners – When Doves Cry
Song of the South – When Doves Cry
Buck Ritchie – The Slave
Davie Allan & the Arrows – Angel Dust
Lucky Charms – Wipe Out
Frank Perry & the Big Action Sound – I Can Fly
Ron Griffin – Your Love is Real
One-Man Band – Billie Jean
Tobie Columbus – Come in My Mouth
Lil' Markie – Lil' Markie Goes to Cavalry

Bill Farrar


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    August 4th, 2013

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