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Eric Walters here sitting in for Bill Lupoletti on Global A Go Go today. I'm going to play all roots and dub reggae on the show today. Tune in!

ARTIST                   TRACK                        ALBUM

Global A Go Go Global a go go theme
Alpha Blondy          My American Dream   Mystic Power
Big Youth               I Pray Thee Continually Natty Universal Dread 1973-1979 (Disc 1 – Hot Stock)
Culture                   Mr. Sluggard                 One Stone
Gregory Isaacs      Mr. Cop                         Cool Ruler Style
Althea & Donna      Uptown Top Ranking    The Ladies At Joe Gibbs
Winston Groovy      Funky Chicken Please  Don't Make Me Cry: The Best Of
Scotty                     Draw Your Brakes         The Harder They Come
The Upsetters         For A Few Dollars More  Return Of Django: The Best of The Upsetters
Dave & Ansel Collins / Double Barrel              This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era – 1960-1975 [Disc 2]
Ras Michael           Gathering Time              Spiritual Roots
The Maytals           John & James               Skatalites & Friends at Randy's
Tommy McCook    Jamaican Place             Blazing Horns/Tenor in Roots
John Holt              Ali Baba                         Trojan Mod Reggae [Disc 1]
Ken Boothe          Old Fashioned Way        DJ Spooky Presents – In Fine Style: 50,000 Volts of Trojan Records Disc 1
Lloyd Charmers    Dollars & Bonds             Big Gundown: Reggae Inspired by Spaghetti Westerns
Big Youth             Tipper Tone Rocking        Screaming Target
Augustus Pablo    Blowing With The Wind    Blowing With The Wind
Tapper Zukie        Tapper Zukie  in Dub In Dub
Alpha Blondy          Rasta Bourgeois             Mystic Power
Culture                  Return Of Mr. Mxyztplk     Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe…
Augustus Pablo    Son of Jah                        Dub Rockers Meet King Tubby In a Fire House [2003 Bonus Tracks]
Marcia Aitken       I'm Still In Love With You   The Ladies At Joe Gibbs
Burning Spear      Slavery Days                     The No.1 Reggae Album [Disc 1]
Corey Harris         Ark of the Covenant          Zion Crossroads
Culture                 Long Day Bud a Bawl       World Peace
Ray Darwin          PeopleÂ’s Choice –              Ray Darwin The Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems 2007
Winston Williams  Sweet Like Candy            DJ Spooky Presents – In Fine Style: 50,000 Volts of Trojan Records Disc 1
Yellowman            I'm Getting Married In The Morning Reggae Golden Jubilee – Origins Of Jamaican Popular Music
Gregory Isaacs     Black A Kill Black            Cool Ruler Style
Gregory Isaacs     Mr. Brown                        Soon Forward
Mighty Diamonds  I Need A Roof (2001 Digital Remaster) Right Time
U-Roy                   Trench Town Rock               Original DJ

Eric Walters


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    August 30th, 2013

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