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I've added a few great Cindy Kallet tracks to the Wide Ear library. Tune in and listen to her great folkie voice, yes she is the real deal!

ARTIST                         TRACK                       ALBUM

Marissa Nadler              River of Dirt               Little Hells
The Mammals               Satisfied Mind            Departure
My Brightest Diamond  The Gentlest Gentleman Daytrotter Session
Danny Schmidt             Grampa Built Bridges The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
Erica Buettner               Under The Radar       fRoots 43
Bill Staines                   Child Of Mine              Going To The West
Sarah McQuaid            Hardwick's Lofty Towers The Plum Tree and the Rose
Max Gomez                 What It Means             Rule The World
Cindy Kallet                 October Song Neighbors
Bill Morrissey               My Old Town              North
Gordon Bok and Cindy Kallet Rantin' Laddie      Neighbors
Stray Birds                  My Brother's Hill             The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
Carrie Elkin                 Lift Up The Anchor         The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
The Avery Set             If I'm On Your Side         From A Guest House
Gillian Welch              Summer Evening            Going Driftless – An Artist's Tribute to Greg Brown
Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line Carnival The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
The Paul McKenna Band  Take Your Time           Elements
Frazey Ford               Firecracker                       Firecracker
Cindy Kallet               Chris' Song                      Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Cindy Kallet              Tide and the River Rising   (Oars) Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Michael Hedges         Face Yourself                  Watching My Life Go By
The Barn Birds (Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh) Sundays Loving You The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
The Carper Family         Who R U Texting 2Nite  The Americana Agency – Sampler 2013
Gregory Alan Isakov       Second Chances            The Weatherman
Typhoon                          Morton's Fork               White Lighter
freddy bradburn              Film Noir                       live from an empty room
Richmond Fontaine        The Girl on the Logging Road         The High Country
The Paul McKenna Band  Cold Missouri Waters                     Elements
Matt Keating                   Nobody's Talkin'              Wrong Way Home
Grand Salvo                    "What's that in your pocket?" "A photo" "Of who?" "I dont kn Slay Me In My Sleep
Gregory Alan Isakov       Amsterdam                   The Weatherman
Led by Harry Tuft,           Few Days                     Five Days Singing
Matthew Perryman Jones   I Don't Want To Leave           I Don't Want To Leave
Mariel Vandersteel            Sitting On the Ridge               Hickory

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    September 3rd, 2013

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