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Devo – Freedom of Choice
Roger Nusic – Hallelu
Jim Nabors – Speak Softly Love
Daniel Johnston – You Put My Love Out the Door
Richard Cheese – Relax
Leona Anderson – Italian Street Song
Tiny Tim – Soul Twister
101 Strings – Barrier X-69
Brothers Hawk – Nothing in My Life
Lou Reed – Ecstacy
Shocking Blue – Pickin' Tomatoes
Frank Zappa – Hungry Freaks Daddy
Hot Pursuit – Brother in Paradise
Crosstalk – Jeff Goodwin Pt 2
Pat Boone – No More Mr Nice Guy
Ben Tate – You Insulted Me
Uncle Bonsai – Penis Envy
Soundmaster T – 2 Much Booty (In da Paints)
Willie Mitchell – The Crawl
Dr Paul P Parker – How to Handle an Argument
Duckmandu – California Uber Alles
Mr Methane – Beethoven's 9th/Richard the 3rd
Ogden Edsl – Kinko the Clown
Rod McKuen – No Picutres Please
Charles Manson – Eyes of a Dreamer
Donny & Marie Osmond – Deep Purple
Hash Brown & His Ignunt Strings – Chug-a-Lug
The Kinks – Better Things
Joe Beard – What Does a Bad Person Look Like
June Wilkinson – Leg Raise
Morah Blanka – The Little Chicken

Bill Farrar


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    September 8th, 2013

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