Welcome the Equals – The Summer Autumn Dance of Light presents:

InterTribalWelcome the Equals – The Summer Autumn Dance of Light

Today we celebrate the last full day of summer! Tomorrow enters in Autumn (Officially) at 4:44 p.m.

Greetings and Welcome to your weekend.

Let’s dance and sing this weekend, Celebration fires will grow all over the world this weekend to honor the change of seasons.

With this music, we dance and celebrate today.

Walk In Peace,

Tall Feathers

1st Hour:

Mark Langenfeld – Lakota Sioux Prayer – Tomahawk Rec – Red Hawk Woman CD 2004

Joanne Shenandoah – Dance of the North – Silver Wave Rec – Peace and Power CD 2002

Native Spirit – Rain Prayer – BCI – Native Spirit #1 CD 1999

Stuart Cardwell – The Old Ones Answer – Snow Hill Music – Traveler CD 2013

R. Carlos Nakai and Udi Bar-David – Indigena Indigenous – Canyon Rec – Voyagers CD 2007

Clark Tenakhongva – Butterfly Clouds – Canyon Rec – Po’li Traditional Songs of the Hopi CD 2007

LeeAnn Brady – Set of Four Native American Church Songs (Track #1) – Canyon Rec – In Jesus’ Name CD 2011

Little Wolf Band – Oweebon – Triloka Rec – Dream Song CD 2002

Joanne Shenandoah and Michael Bucher – They Didn’t Listen – Hondo Mesa Rec – Bitter Tears Sacred Ground CD 2009

Carlos Nakai, William Eaton and Will Clipman – Sun Path – Canyon Rec – Dancing into Silence CD 2009

Blackfoot Confederacy – Grand Entry – Canyon Rec – Elders’ Vision CD 2012

2nd Hour:

Bill Miller – Three Tribes – Rosebud Rec – Loon, Mountain, and Moon Native American Flute Songs CD

Due to technical troubles, you can view the entire play list here:


3rd Hour:

Estun-Bah – A Prayer to the East – Canyon Rec – From where the Sun Rises CD 2010

Douglas Spotted Eagle – Closer To Far Away – Windham Hill Rec – Closer to Far Away CD 1996

Fawn and Dallas – Blessings – Canyon Rec – Blessings CD 2013

Garry Oker – Ride – The Palace Studio – Ride CD 2011

Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen – From North To South – Balanced Rec – North Wind CD 2012

Corn-Bred – Got You On My Mind – Hondo Mesa Rec – Corn-Bred CD

A Tribe Called Red – General Generations – Co-Sign Prod – A Tribe Called Red CD

Brule – Buffalo Moon – The Soar Corp – The Collection CD 2004

Coyote Jump – Migration – Canyon Rec – Waking from the Roots CD 2012

Brule – Lakota Forever – The Soar Corp – We The People CD

Tall Feathers


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    September 21st, 2013

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