Global A Go-Go: Friday September 27, 5-7 PM presents:

Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday September 27, 5-7 PM

Balkan brass band music continues to evolve — the latest step along the long road comes from the orchestra led by the father-son team of Boban & Marko Markovic (pictured above).  Boban brings deep gypsy soul and jazz improvisation; Marko adds a young virtuoso's chops and a slew of 21st century influences, from New Orleans to electronica to (Tito forbid) turbo-folk.

The new Markovic Orchestra album Gipsy Manifesto will be in stores on October 29 — you'll hear a track from it this week on Global A Go-Go.

Also this week: Fela with strings; new global rock by Andrea Echeverri (Colombia), Boogarins (Brazil) and Rokia Traore (Mali); and salsa is the universal language of groove.


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    September 27th, 2013

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