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Slaid Cleves latest release on the show today

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William Tyler Cadillac Desert Impossible Truth 6:35
The Fox Blossom Venture Raleigh Autumn Leaves 3:15
The Boxcar Lilies If I Needed You Sugar Shack 3:46
Sarah Jarosv Mile On The Moon Build Me Up From Bones 3:49
Slaid Cleaves I Bet She Does Still Fighting the War 2:51
Mandolin Orange Waltz about whiskey   3:32
Stephen Gordon Intersections  April 2010 2:52
Jamie Roberts Off to California Up from the Deep 3:05
Adam Steffey Raleigh and Spencer New Primitive 3:12
Bruce Molsky Cumberland Gap If It Ain't Here When I Get Back 3:07
Annie and the Beekeepers My Bonneville My Bonneville 2:46
Bombadil Honeymoon A Pocket Guide To Bombadil 4:50
Lau Throwing Pennies Race The Loser 4:28
The Broadside Singers with Tom Paxton Ain't That News The Best of Broadside 1962–1988 [Disc 1] 1:41
Son Volt Tear Stained Eye Trace 4:21
Sarah Jarosz Fuel The Fire Build Me Up From Bones 3:32
Adam Steffey Johnny Don't Get Drunk New Primitive 2:30
Brown Bird Bow For Blade Fits Of Reason 3:40
Slaid Cleaves Still Fighting the War Still Fighting the War 2:57
Melodica, Melody & Me Piece Me Back Together Piece Me Back Together – EP 3:43
Danny Michel & The Garifuna Collective The First Night Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me 4:27
Milton Milty's Blues The Lady At the Bottom of the Hill 2:55
Rachel Sermanni Little Prayer Under Mountains 1:07
Driftwood You and I Together Forever 2:24
Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker Forever And More Homemade Heartache EP 2:50
The Steel Wheels Until The Summer Comes No More Rain 4:57
Annie and the Beekeepers An Island My Bonneville 3:14
Benjamin Francis Leftwich Pictures Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm 2:58
Bachelorette Waveforms Bachelorette 2:17
Boat To Row Grass Market Grass Market 3:54
Slaid Cleaves Hometown USA Still Fighting the War 3:53
Betse Ellis Dry and Dusty High Moon Order 2:51
Betse Ellis Long Time to Get There High Moon Order 2:29
The Unthanks Fairfield Crane Songs from the Shipyards (Diversions, Vol. 3) 1:53
Eric Walters


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    December 3rd, 2013

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