Joined by Woodbine’sblood, Repelled by Vestiges of Colored Sand presents:

Joined by Woodbine’sblood, Repelled by Vestiges of Colored Sand

It's been too long, my friends. I've missed you. I missed that smile you used to crack, the one you thought was hidden under the fury and might of your lovable headbanging. I missed that ever-so-close-to-being-clinched fist you used to raise up whenever the cascading sounds of Meshuggah came crashing through your darkened room. I miss that effervescent glow of radiance that settled around you when you let distorted radio waves take hold of your entire being. But most of all, I miss your willingness to spend some of your Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings listening to me put on tunes that I deemed heavy, no matter how loose that "heavy" distinction may be. But guess what… the heavy tunes are back! And the gettin's good, people. 2013 was a mighty fine year for heavy music. So tonight, all the music you hear will be from the confoundingly weird 365-day amalgam of matter and sound that just passed us by. Again, thank you kindly for listening, and I will do my best to keep things plenty interesting.

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    January 15th, 2014

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