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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
The Singing Doctors – Hemorrhoids
Kerb Dance – Everyone Here
Students of St. Louis School – Ciao Ciao Bambina
Pent-R Books (Sexual Pleasures) – Masturbation
Enoch Light – Something Stupid
Johnny Bond – The Tijuana Jail
Carol Nelson – They're Stepping All Over My Heart
The Scramblers – Start Your Engines
Steve Martin – Creativity in Action/I'm in the Mood for Love
Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night
Janet Green – Fascist Threat
Rob Luman – Let's Think About Living
The Shaggs – That Little Sports Car
Jan Davis – Fugitive
Jack Kerouac – San Francisco
Hayseed Dixie – Lick it Up
Allen Ginsberg – Going to San Diego
Lou Reed – What's Good?
Gabor Szabo – Smooth Sailing
BJ Snowden – From the Chapel to the Courtroom
Nico – I'll Keep it with Mine
Johnny Gunn – Night
Gary Wilson – And Then I Kissed Your Lips
William S. Burroughs – Old Western Movies
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Orange Claw Hammer
Dr Rebecca Liswood – The Maturing Process
JuJus – Do You Understand Me
Gear One – Feel a Groove
Peter Grudzien – Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
Black Oak Arkansas – Fever in My Mind
Wesley Willis – Chicken Cow
Unknown – Motivational Slideshow

Bill Farrar


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    March 9th, 2014

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