Global A Go-Go: Friday April 25, 2014 presents:

Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday April 25, 2014

This week I'll be joined in the studio by two special guests, both of whom will be performing at the Camel after my show on Friday night.

DJ Crown Vic (top), aka Jim Thomson, runs the Electric Cowbell record label, promotes concerts as Multiflora Productions, and started the Independent Grand vinyl web-shop.  He's a founding member of both GWAR and Bio Ritmo (hard as that may be to believe) and he's played in so many great bands over the years: The Alter Natives, Hotel X, Plasmodium, Tulsa Drone, CSC Funk Band, the list goes on and on.  Jim and I will talk about life, the world and his current projects, and he'll DJ a set of music akin to what he'll be doing tonight at the Camel.

Marlysse Simmons (bottom) composes, arranges and plays keyboards for Bio Ritmo; you might also know her work in the bands Miramar and Os Magrelos, not to mention The Girtles.  Bio Ritmo's new album Puerta Del Sur will be released on June 24 and it's truly outstanding, their best work yet.  Marlysse and I will talk about the making of Puerta Del Sur and we'll preview a couple of tracks, then she'll DJ a set from her personal record collection.

Jim comes on at 5 PM, Marlysse at 6, so set your clock accordingly and join us on the radio on Friday evening for a special edition of Global A Go-Go.


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    April 25th, 2014

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