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I've found scads of great new tunes, tune in and hear them all on today's show! Ruth Notman is only one of those finds.

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Rosanne Cash Sea of Hearetbreak (featuring Bruce Springsteen) The List
Tinkerscuss Nine Trees (The Balefire Song) Nine Trees
Martin Simpson Diamond Joe Vagrant Stanzas
Malinky The Light Dragoon Last Leaves
Megson Working Life Out The Longshot
The Pines Horse & Buggy Sparrows In the Bell
Tom Freund Run Like That COPPER MOON
The Bear That Wasn't The Exciting Adventures Of A Bad Bet, A Bad Alliteration And And So It Is Morning Dew
Johnny Flynn Einstein's Idea Country Mile
Ruth Notman Johnny Be Fair The Life Of Lilly
Ruth Notman Si Tu Dois Partir The Life Of Lilly
Kris Drever O'a' the Airts (Remastered) Mark the Hard Earth (Remastered)
Larkin Grimm I Am Not Real Soul Retrieval
Megson The Cabman The Longshot
Tinkerscuss Meriasek Nine Trees
Tinkerscuss Highland Widows Lament Nine Trees
Martin Simpson Molly as She Swings Vagrant Stanzas
The Bear That Wasn't They Are The Donutpeople And So It Is Morning Dew
Lau Banks of Marble Arc Light
Jim Moray April Morning Sweet England
Jim Moray Sweet England Sweet England
Bella Hardy Sleeping Beauty Battleplan
Andrew Bird The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute To the Songs of Shel Silverstein
Jess Morgan Silver Dagger Langa Langa
Kris Drever Parcel Of Rogues Kris Drever Eamonn Coyne Megan Henderson EP
Kris Drever Shining Star (Remastered) Mark the Hard Earth (Remastered)
Black Prairie/Sarah Jarosz Queen of the Silver Dollar Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute To the Songs of Shel Silverstein
Lau Winter Moon Arc Light
Tinkerscuss The Chickens Are A Crowing Nine Trees
Larkin Grimm Hello Pool of Tears Soul Retrieval
Larkin Grimm Anger in Your Liver Parplar
Sweet Billy Pilgrim Atlantis We Just Did What Happened and No One Came
Ben and Ellen Harper a house is a home Childhood Home
Eric Walters


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    May 6th, 2014

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