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David Sickman live on Wide Ear tonight. Tune in and give a listen..He's playing live at The Camel later tonight.

Danny Michel This Feeling Sunset Sea
Natalie Merchant Down On Penny's Farm The House Carpenter's Daughter
Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt Swing From a Note For Keeps
Dave Watkins House That's Mostly Porch When No One Else Is Here And Everyone Is Asleep
Bill & Kate Isles Love Is Meant To Be Still Beneath the Stars and Moon
Bill Morrissey Pay Day Avalon Blues: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt
Laura Marling Undine Once I Was An Eagle
Bill Jackson Long Way From Water Steel And Bone
Bob Bradshaw You Got No Say Round Here Bob Bradshaw
Patty Griffin Faithful Son American Kid
Birdie Busch These Banks Birdie Busch & the Greatest Night
Dean Fields Forever Never Knowing Under A Searchlight Moon
My Autumn Empire The Playing Fields The Village Compass
Matteo Brocade River Barcarole The Sichuan Project
John Smith England Rolls Away Great Lakes
The Abramson Singers Marguerite Late Riser
Bill Mize Soulmate Coastin'
Emily Jane White Time On Your Side Dark Undercoat
Akron/Family One Spring Morning Rogue's Gallery
Samara Lubelski Sister Silver Spectacular of Passages
David Bromberg Band Young Westley How Late'll Ya Play 'Till?
David Bromberg Band Get Up And Go / Fiddle Tunes How Late'll Ya Play 'Till?
Doc Watson Along The Road Watson Country
Patty Griffin Get Ready Marie American Kid
Bill & Kate Isles She Kissed Me in the Morning Still Beneath the Stars and Moon
Pascal Pinon Evgeny Kissin Twosomeness
Eric Walters


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    June 3rd, 2014

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