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Activate!Activate: Fontaine + Members of 7 Bands!

Fontaine here tonight 7-9pmEDT filling in for Mike Rutz's concert calendar show. I've got guests from 7 bands coming up! DanYell aka Slymenstra from GWAR, Tony from Iron Reagan, Tannon from Loincloth, Nathaniel from Occultist, Jack + Zack from Humungus, Jon from Kid Is Qual, and Jason from Bloody Crackdown. All have shows in town this week, many of them GWAR-B-Q related. Tune in and check out the mayhem!

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Mudd Helmut – Give Me Sensation
Creep-A-Zoids – Dead By Dawn

Kid Is Qual – AOTY
Low on Sanity – Before I Drown (Backward Agenda Mix)
Hoboknife – Lusting For Vengence

Occultist – Iron Distort
Kepone – Dickie Boys
The Meat Men – Slaughterama
GWAR – Have You Seen Me?

Bloody Crackdown – The Swami
Bloody Crackdown – Paid Salvation
Gritter – Bowie

Dave Brockie talking about Jello Biafra (April 2010)

Jello Biafra + Guantanamo School of Medicine – Pets Eat Their Master

Humungus – Shark Castle
Humungus – Drinkin' a Beer

Loincloth – Trepanning
Misfits – T.V. Casualty
Bodycount – There Goes the Neighborhood

GWAR/Slymenstra – Don't Need a Man




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    August 13th, 2014

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