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Songs From The Big HairSongs From the Big Hair: Songs From the Big Wedding!

Songs from the Big Wedding!

Andi (@andreasavedge) and I (@WRIRDJDustin) will be getting legally married on this Very Special Episode of Songs From the Big Hair.  We met fro the first time in the 80s (see photo below), so we're going to play songs from around the time we met, 1985-1995 (roughly).  Tune in for a big romantic wedding show!

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Devo – The Girl U Want
Ween – A Tear for Eddie
Jonathan Richman – Abdul & Cleopatra|
Pylon – Feast on my Heart
X In This House That I Call Home
Prince – Let's Go Crazy
Dream Academy – Please Let Me Get What I Want (Instrumental)
Violent Femmes – Good Feeling
The Kinks – Come Dancing
The Cure – Love Cats
The Cars – You Are The Girl
Joel – Careless Whispers (en espanol)
The Replacements – Can't Hardly Wait
The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
Thompson Twins – If You Were Here
Chris Isaak – Down Mexico Way
Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two
Arrested Development – People Everyday
They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul
R.E.M. – Stand
The Smiths – Please please Please Let Me Get What I Want

Soul Asylum – Black Gold
Cracker – Sweet Potato
Morphine – Let's Take a Trip
Breeders – Happiness is a Warm Gun
Poison – Unskinny Bop
The Vaselines – Molly's Lips
LoveMongers – Battle of Evermore
Ween Loving U Thru It All
Adam Sandler – I Wanna Grow Old With You



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    September 13th, 2014

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