Mellow Madness 45 Edition part 2 9/14/14 presents:

Mellow MadnessMellow Madness 45 Edition part 2 9/14/14

Mellow Madness 45 Edition part 2

Leon Haywood / Got to be Mellow

Sir Guy / My Sweet Baby

TSU Toronadoes / If you leave Me What Good Am I?

Fontella Bass / Leave It in the Hands of Love

Barabara Mason / Half a Love

Dream Team / There He Is

Spencer Wiggins / Lonely Man

Soul Brothers Six / I'll Be Loving You

Barbara Acklin / Am I the Same girl

Edwin Starr / Runnin Back and Forth

King Edward and his BDs / Girls are Supposed to Be

Lenis Guess / Just ask Me

Hesitations / I'm Not Built That Way

Hesitations / Is This the Way You Treat A Girl

Four Mints / Can't Get Strung Out

Annette Poindexter / Wayward Dream

Ernie Washington / Lonely Shack

Fabulous Denos / Once I Had A Love

Ruth Brown / I Don't know

Kenny Martin / My Love is Coming Down

Les Brown Jr / Swingin and Surfin

Jesse and Buzzy / goin Back to Orleans


Dick Ryan / Once, A Million Times

The Love Potion / Mr Farouk

The Virtues / Guitar Boogie Shuffle


The Soul Set / Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Mary Love / If you Change your Mind

Lee Fields / Everybody Gonna Give…

Little Royal / Razor Blade

Mickey and the Soul Generation / Football

All the People / Cramp Your Style

Breakout / Planet Rock

Scorpio and his People / The Unforgiven

Charles Bradley /  The World Is Going Up in Flames

The Sylvers / Fools Paradise

The Five Stairsteps and Cubie / Don't Change Your Love

Melvin Bliss / Synthetic Substitution

Chocolate Snow / A Day In the Life

Maceo and All The King's Men / Got To Get Cha

Lee Dorsey  / Occapella

Arlene Brown / Impeach Me Baby


Milton Wright  / Keep It Up

Eclipse / People

Mike Murphy


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    September 14th, 2014

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