Party of One: “Peas” Donate! presents:

A Party Of OneParty of One: “Peas” Donate!

Hey, it's the fund drive here on WRIR.  I'm going to try my damnedest to remind you why our little station is better than just about all the other Richmond radio stations combined.  And I'm doing it with pink vinyl.  

Call up and donate!  804-622-WRIR (9747)

Tweet! @WRIRDJDustin or @WRIR

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Asie Payton – Asie's Jam.  
The Faces – Tin Soldier
Rolling Stones – Flight 505
Them – I Put a Spell on You

Galactic – Karate
NoBS! Brass Band – RVA All Day
Perez Prado – James Bond Theme

Howlin' Wolf – Natchez Burnin'
BB King – Everybody Lies a Little
Eddie "Guitar" Burns – Papa's Boogie

Canary oh Canary – Catholic

This Week's Album of the week: Courtney Barnett's "A Sea of Split Peas"

-Anonymous Club

Mazzy Star – I'm Sailin'

Jimi Hendrix – I'm Back at the House
Fred Wesley & the JBs – Damn



Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    October 18th, 2014

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