Mellow Madness with guest Ebony Diamonds 11/9/14 presents:

Mellow MadnessMellow Madness with guest Ebony Diamonds 11/9/14

 Ebony Diamonds from Richmond, VA will be joining us in the studio today to talk about their newly released (and already sold out) 7" single on Super Disc Edits. Recorded in 1975 at Richmond's famed Alpha Audio "I'm So Lucky" is a modern crossover gem that's finally getting it's proper debut. We're very excited to have members of the group join us to talk about the Richmond soul scene and the music that influenced them at the time of the recording of "I'm So Lucky". The show starts at 1:00pm on 97.3fm, RIchmond. 


 The show started off with DJ Marty warming up the airwaves with some rare Virginia Soul 45s. We introduced Patrick and Carroll Ellis of Ebony Diamonds, and Craig B conducted the interview for Mellow Madness. Craig asked Patrick and Carroll how "I'm So Lucky" was unearthed after all these years and their feelings about the positive response it has received. We played the 45 as well as some of their previously known recordings such as Infinity's "Queen of My Universe", "Up" and "Party Man". Craig talked to Carroll and Patrick about the falsetto harmonies that defined Ebony Diamond and the transition to the popularity of band driven soul music of the late seventies that ended up taking shape in Infinity Band. We were able to get Ray from the group on the phone as well as Russell Paine from Super Disco Edits to say a few words about the release of the 45 on his label. The show continued with us playing and talking about music that influenced the young Ebony Diamond in the 1970s and concluded with some thank yous and a taste of the groups current inspirations.

Mike Murphy


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    November 9th, 2014

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